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How to prevent tooth decay.

Everyone knows maintaining good oral health is a normal part of taking care of ourselves, but with so many of us living busy and somewhat hectic lives, this is often easier said than done. Even preventing tooth decay can seem like a challenging, daunting endeavor.

The good news is with a little hard work and dedication, you can prevent cavities and other dental problems from happening. We’d like to help you get started, so we’re going to show you how to stop tooth decay by following a simple yet to throw regimen.

Brush Your Teeth Twice Per Day

It’s common knowledge that brushing your teeth is an absolutely essential part of maintaining good dental health. When you brush your teeth, you should follow two specific guidelines.

First, brush at least twice a day. Second, always use a fluoride toothpaste. It’s also a good idea to avoid using a brush with hard bristles. If in doubt, ask your dentist.

Floss Your Teeth Once Per Day

Although brushing your teeth is quite effective, it can’t do the job alone. You also need to clean between your teeth — which is difficult for the bristles of a brush — because food particles that get stuck there can quickly cause tooth decay. Flossing your teeth at least once per day will dislodge these particles and help get rid of plaque, too. Brushing and flossing together are the perfect team to help maintain good dental health.

Rinse Daily with Mouthwash

Mouthwash has also proven quite effective in the battle against tooth decay. Always use a fluoride mouthwash, which will effectively kill bacteria that collects on your teeth and gums. By using a small amount after brushing your teeth in the morning and then again in the evening, you’ll further maintain dental health.

Teeth Cleanings Twice a Year

If you follow a regular regimen of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, you’ll be able to more easily maintain healthy teeth. However, even the most perfect regimen won’t let you avoid all dental issues without proper help. To keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, schedule a professional cleaning every six months.

Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

If you want to keep up with proper dental care, which will help you avoid tooth decay and tooth loss, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist at least twice a year. These check-ups will typically include x-rays and will always involve an assessment of your teeth and gums. This will allow you to catch dental issues early on before they become a bigger problem.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Sugar is notorious for eating away at tooth enamel and causing your teeth to decay. If you’re going to ingest sugary foods and drinks, you should always do so in moderation and stick to a regular dental care schedule. Items like candy, ice cream, and especially soda are harmful, but also check the sugar content of items like fruit juice and chocolate milk, which can often have just as much sugar even though they seem like health alternatives.

Cut Back on Acidic Foods and Drinks

Although acidic foods may not be as bad as sugary ones, acids can do a real number on your tooth enamel, as well. Foods that are often quite acidic in nature include certain types of fruits and vegetables, which are obviously healthy for you in other ways. Just to be aware of the acidic content and brush soon afterwards to prevent any dental issues.

Drink Plenty of Water Each Day

It’s well known that drinking water is one of the best ways to stay healthy because it promotes weight loss and keeps us hydrated. It’s also an important factor of good dental health. Drinking water with a meal will wash away a lot of the harmful food particles and bacteria may accumulate throughout the day. Making water a part of your regular routine is one of the best things you can do for your body and oral hygiene.

Consider a Dental Sealant

It’s more common for your back teeth to experience tooth decay because they have more grooves where food can get trapped. A dental sealant is a plastic coating that is placed on your teeth to act as a shield against harmful bacteria. Although this is often thought of as a solution for young children who have a problem with brushing their teeth, it’s become increasingly popular with adults in recent years.

Antibacterial Treatments

Patients who are more vulnerable to tooth decay due to a medical condition or other such issue may have an antibacterial treatment recommended to them. These are specially formulated antibacterial mouth rinses that will reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth. For those with tooth decay problems, this technique can be highly effective.

Stock Up on Sugarless Gum

Believe it or not, but chewing gum is very good for your teeth because it increases saliva production, which helps wash away bacteria and food particles. That being said, you only want to chew sugarless gum for obvious reasons. Add a few daily sticks of sugarless gum to your daily regimen and you’ll have an easier time avoiding tooth decay.

Stay Away from Tobacco

Tobacco in all forms is horrible for your health and can be very damaging to your teeth. You also want to stay away from chewing tobacco, which can cause your teeth and gums to deteriorate in a relatively short period of time.

Contact Dr. Ferullo for Help with Preventing Tooth Decay

Preventing tooth decay won’t seem so daunting if you follow this list one step at a time. The St. Petersburg dentist office of Dr Ferullo, your favorite Downtown Dentist, can also help you out thanks to his many years of dental care expertise. If you’d like to discuss any of the techniques listed above or need to schedule an appointment, call our office at (727) 822-8101 today to schedule a free consultation.

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