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A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Fluoride in Dental Health

Why is fluoride useful for dental health? In the realm of dental health, fluoride has long been heralded as a superhero in the fight against tooth decay. While fluoride is commonly found in toothpaste and drinking water, a lesser-known but highly effective application is fluoride varnish. This thin, protective coating applied to teeth has proven


What is Tartar and How do You Prevent it?

What is tartar and how does it form on your teeth? If you’ve ever wondered about those stubborn deposits on your teeth, you’re not alone. What is tartar on teeth? It’s a common question among folks aiming for a bright smile. Tartar, also known as calculus, is a hardened form of dental plaque. It’s that


Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast?

The Great Debate: Brushing Before or After Breakfast You wake up in the morning, and you’re faced with a daily choice: should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? It’s a decision that can significantly impact your oral hygiene. Here are some factors to consider so you can make the right choice for your dental


Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed?

Can Tooth Decay Be Reversed… and When Is It Too Late? We get a lot of questions at our office about tooth decay and tooth loss. One of the most common is: Can tooth decay be reversed? This shouldn’t come as a surprise since cavities and other dental problems are very common, and many people want to know


Why Do My Gums Keep Bleeding When I Brush My Teeth?

Why Do My Gums Keep Bleeding? Proper brushing and flossing make your teeth feel healthier and your breath more refreshed. But when you spit into the sink and a bunch of blood comes out, this can be a rather frightening experience. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence. Many of our patients ask, “Why do my gums keep bleeding?”


How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home

How do you treat tooth pain at home? Suffering from tooth pain can be an absolute nightmare. If you have dental pain that’s killing you, it’s an indication that you’re suffering from tooth decay and/or gum disease. This could lead to tooth loss if it’s not treated. You need to get in to see a dentist as soon


Why Flossing is Essential for Your Dental Health

Why Is Flossing Essential for Dental Health? For several decades now, brushing and flossing your teeth have gone hand-in-hand to improve dental health. Flossing is essential because your toothbrush can’t get to the food particles that get stuck between your teeth. This can be very problematic because food may sit in the same spot for days or


What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

What causes teeth to become sensitive? Enjoying your favorite hot beverage or frozen treat can be a real pain when you’re suffering from sensitive teeth. This is something that happens to all of us at one time or another, which is why it’s important to maintain good dental hygiene. For today’s discussion, however, we’re going


Do You Scrape Your Tongue Before or After Brushing?

Why You Should Scrape Your Tongue Our favorite topic is talking about different ways that people can take care of their dental health. But we typically concentrate on brushing and flossing every day, which foods and beverages to avoid, how often to visit your dentist, and similar types of tips. One thing that we’ve never


What Causes a Toothache?

Seven Common Causes of a Toothache Ask anyone who’s had a severe toothache, and they’ll tell you that it’s one of the worst pains they’ve ever felt. Even slight tooth pain can make it hard for a person to think or concentrate on any given task. Many patients want to know how to avoid severe

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