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Woman using a tongue scraper

Why Should You Use a Tongue Scraper?

Four Powerful Reasons to Use a Tongue Scraper Let’s face it, most people feel they are keeping up with their dental hygiene when they manage to brush, floss, and rinse on a daily basis. Many people don’t think about cleaning their tongues. If you think about it, the tongue is a rather large surface area

Woman smiling after teeth whitening

Things To Know About Teeth Whitening

When Do You Need Professional Teeth Whitening? Does your smile lack luster? Do you feel embarrassed because your teeth are yellow or stained and you cannot flash pearly whites? It may be time to consider professional teeth whitening in St. Petersburg.  Dr. Ferullo offers cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening and this may be just what

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral Cancer

What You Should Know About Oral Cancer April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Ferullo’s St. Petersburg dentist office wants you to be aware of what you should know about oral cancers. Oral and oropharyngeal cancer (cancer of the upper throat and mouth) are responsible for killing one person, every hour of everyday. The

A cleaning is a cleaning, right?

ORAL PREVENTIVEMAINTENANCE APPOINTMENT If you haven’t already noticed, our hygienists do a lot more than clean your teeth. During your preventive maintenance appointment, our hygienists also screen you for periodontal (gum) disease, and perform an oral cancer exam. (These exams are also routinely performed during periodic doctor exams). Did you know that periodontal disease is

Fluoride…it’s not just for kids!

Many adults wonder why we recommend fluoride for them. Here’s some good to know info…Fluoride remineralizes the tooth, making it stronger and more resistant to tooth decay. Foods that we eat (especially sugar) can cause a demineralization of tooth structure and eventually decay. Fluoride also acts as an anti-inflammatory, by decreasing bacteria which are responsible

Did you know that our office offers free Whitening for Life?

Our Whitening for life program requires you keep your regular hygiene maintenance two times a year, for which we will be happy to supply you at each checkup with whitening gel at no additional cost to you! Existing Patients: If you have already had whitening done in our office and already have whitening trays, you

Holiday hours

We are counting down the remaining days of 2014. If you have insurance benefits that expire on December 31 these hours are posted to insure that we are able to take care of your needs. We will be open Monday through Thursday beginning December 2 with the exception of December 24-25th and 31st. Contact Sandra

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