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October is one of our favorite months. You may have seen us decorate the office and dress to impress for Halloween over the years. We are disappointed that the holiday falls on a Friday this month but we still have a few treats for our patients who come see us in October If you need an appointment, please call Sandra today at 727-822-8101. Insurance benefits expire December 31 for many of you who have benefits.


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Candy guidelines in time for Halloween….


Little ghosts and goblins will trick-or-treat to collect as much candy as they can this Halloween, but it’s not just kids who will enjoy the treats. Nearly 80% of parents admit they eat their children’s Halloween candy, according to the Delta Dental Children’s Oral Health Survey. But some candies have the potential to do more damage to teeth than others.


While no sweets are good for teeth, some are less harmful than others. Delta Dental rates the best and worst treats for teeth on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being least harmful.


  1. Sugar-free candy and gum with xylitol

Sugar-free foods don’t contain sugar that can feed on the bacteria in the mouth and produce decay-causing acids. Gum and candy with xylitol may actually protect teeth by reducing the acids produced by bacteria and increasing saliva to rinse away excess sugars and acids.

Delta Dental’s survey says 44% of kids eat sugar-free candy at Halloween.


  1. Powdery candy (such as sugar straws)

Sure, powdery candy is packed with pure sugar. But powdery candy dissolves quickly and doesn’t stick to the teeth.


  1. Chocolate (such as candy bars)

Chocolate dissolves quickly in the mouth and can be eaten easily, which decreases the amount of time sugar stays in contact with teeth. And calcium could help protect tooth enamel. However, chocolate with fillings, such as caramel and nuts, is a lot more harmful for teeth than the plain variety.

Delta Dental’s survey says 86% of kids eat chocolate at Halloween.


  1. Hard candy (such as lollipops or mints)

Hard candy is tough on teeth because it tends to be sucked on at a leisurely pace for an extended period of time. Plus, chomping down on hard candy can chip or break teeth.

Delta Dental’s survey says 50% of kids eat hard candy at Halloween.

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