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Want a Brilliant Smile? Tips for Making it Happen!

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing smile is essential to your confidence, your physical appeal, and your overall well-being. It is certainly important to visit with your St. Petersburg Dentist once every six months yet there is plenty you can do on your own to work on getting a brilliant smile. Get into the habit of taking excellent care of your teeth and gums every single day and it won’t be long until you notice a meaningful improvement in the look of your smile.

Floss With Care

Flossing is essential to remove the plaque and tartar that builds up between the gums and teeth. Flossing and visits to the dentist are the sole means of removing these particles. Once all the plaque is knocked away from areas between your teeth, the chances of gum disease and tooth decay will dramatically decrease. A mouth free of gum disease and tooth decay will not only be healthier but brings you one step closer to a brilliant smile.
The manner in which you floss your teeth is just as important as the frequency. You should floss at least once per day. When flossing, use a separate piece of floss for the upper teeth and lower teeth. Shift the floss as you clean between the teeth to prevent the movement of bacteria, food particles, and other gunk from one tooth to the next.

Eat and Drink Responsibly

Woman eating healthy with a brilliant smileCertain foods and beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and juice can stain the teeth. If you absolutely have to indulge in one of these foods or beverages, try to clean your teeth as soon as possible so the staining doesn’t remain any longer than necessary.

Brush Properly

Your approach to brushing your teeth goes a long way in determining the beauty of your smile. If possible, brush your teeth after each meal. At a bare minimum, brush in the morning and evening. Invest at least two minutes in brushing so your teeth can look their best.

If Necessary, Talk to Your Dentist About Cosmetic Dentistry

If due to injury or dental issues, you are interested in more help for your smile and are considering cosmetic dentistry in St. Petersburg, Dr. Ferullo can help you get the brilliant smile you have been dreaming of. Whether you are interested in veneers, crowns, braces or teeth whitening in St. Petersburg, he will go over your options and help you get started on having a smile you can be proud of.

Reach out to Dr. Ferullo for Help Getting Your Brilliant Smile

If you are interested having a brilliant smile, having your teeth examined, and/or cleaned or anything else related to dental care, contact us. Our office specializes in St. Petersburg Gentle Dental services whether it be for cosmetic or preventative dental care. Call us today at 727-822-8101 and get started on having a brilliant smile that you can be confident of.

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