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Nutrition and dental health are links in more ways than you may imagine.

Whenever people start discussing how to maintain healthy teeth, much of it focuses on brushing twice daily, flossing at least once per day, and visiting your dentist every 6 months. Another big factor that you must remember is that nutrition and dental health are always inextricably linked.

Most people are aware of this, but much of the time, they only consider the effects of drinking tons of soda and other sources of sugar. Today, we’ll be going into more detail and explain several factors of nutrition that will help maintain and improve the condition of your teeth.

Water Increases Saliva Production

Everyone seems to understand the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water each day, but you may not be aware of the positive effects it will have on your teeth. Drinking water increases the amount of saliva produced in your mouth. This saliva is effective in washing away bacteria, which reduces tooth decay, damage to your gums, and other issues.

Sticky Foods Trap Harmful Bacteria

It’s no secret that sticky treats like taffy and caramel are really tasty, but they’re also not good for your oral health. In addition to typically containing a lot of sugar, sticky foods will trap bacteria, making it hard for the bacteria to be washed away by water or other methods. It’s perfectly fine if you eat these foods in moderation but be sure that you thoroughly brush soon afterwards.

High-Sugar Content Is Your Enemy

You simply can’t have a discussion about nutrition and dental health without recognizing the danger that sugar poses to your teeth and gums. Foods and beverages containing a high level of sugar should be ingested in moderation or avoided altogether whenever possible. As indicated above, brushing your teeth soon afterwards is always a very good idea.

Acidic Foods and Drinks Are a Danger

Sorry to break it to you, but sugary foods and beverages aren’t the only things that you should ingest in moderation. Acidic foods, including healthy ones like apples and oranges, are important for nutrition, but you must also be aware of the dangers. Too much acid can cause a tooth’s enamel to break down, making it more susceptible to bacteria. As always, brushing on a regular basis is a must.

Dairy Products Build Better Teeth

It turns out that what your mom and multiple commercials told you as a kid was absolutely correct – dairy products help build healthy teeth. As you’re probably aware, this is because dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and others contain calcium that is highly effective in strengthening teeth and bones. If you’re not a fan of dairy products, taking a calcium supplement will work, too.

Juices Aren’t Always a Better Choice

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding the health quotient of juice. Although it’s true that many types of juices are very good for you, some can be harmful to your dental health. This is because many of them contain a high level of sugar that often rivals the amount found in soda. Plus, juices can also be acidic, which means you could be drinking a one two-punch against your teeth.

Using a Straw Can Help Your Teeth

If you drink sugary beverages on occasion, your best strategy is to use a straw. This helps reduce the amount of sugar that comes into contact with your teeth. Just be sure to use a paper or reusable straw, since those are much better for the environment.

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