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Excellent Benefits to Laser Dentistry

Why Choose Laser Dentistry for Gentle Dental Techniques?

There are many benefits of laser dentistry and it is perfect for those who have been anxious about going to the dentist in the past.  Laser dentistry is at the forefront of new modern dental technologies often called gentle dental techniques because they offer an alternative to scary drills and needles.  With minimized pain and recovery time, it is no surprise that many prefer this type of approach to dentistry.  Dr. Ferullo, your downtown dentist in St. Petersburg realized all the benefits of laser dentistry and choose the Waterlase® system for virtually pain-free dentistry.

What are the Benefits to Waterlase® Over Traditional Dentistry?

Waterlase Laser Dentistry Logo - Happy ToothWith laser dentistry performed by Waterlase® there are many benefits to patients with the most important being virtually no pain.  The primary cause of pain associated with traditional dentistry were heat, vibration and pressure.  With Waterlase® the cutting of both teeth and gums does not generate heat, pressure or vibration.  This allows many dental procedures to be performed nearly pain free with less need for shots, anesthesia and no numb lips.  Here are some of the other benefits to this gentle dental care in St. Petersburg.

Accuracy and Precision – Dentists are able to remove gum tissue, bone, and tooth enamel decay precisely while not affecting surrounding areas.

Reduced Trauma – Waterlase® minimizes trauma and reduces damage to healthy portions of the tooth and mouth.

Less Bleeding and Swelling – Due to its conservative cutting action, gum procedures have little or no bleeding and reduced post-op swelling.

Fewer Dental Visits – Since patients rarely need shots or anesthesia, dentists can now preform several procedures during one visit.  This technology also allows qualified dentists to preform procedures that used to be referred to a specialist.

Less Chances of Infection or Bacteria – Waterlase® helps sterilize the area that it comes in contact with.  Due to this there is less chance of bacteria being spread or having complications or infections.

Make Sure Your Dentist is Qualified to Perform Laser Dentistry

Member of Academy of Laser Dentistry LogoAlthough laser dentistry is a wonderful technology, make sure before you make an appointment with any dentist to ask about their experience and training when it comes to laser procedures.   Laser dentistry is completely safe as long as it is administered by a dentist with the proper training in the technology.   St. Petersburg dentist, Dr. Ferullo is a proud member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry.  This organization is for dental practitioners who wish to uphold the highest standards and demonstrate proficiency in laser dentistry.

Call Dr. Ferullo Today to Schedule Your Gentle Dental Appointment

If you are looking for a dentist in St. Petersburg who offers gentle dental care then look no further than Dr. Ferullo and his staff.  They are a caring team of professionals who will go out of their way to make you comfortable and feel relaxed.   Call our office today to get started on a lifetime partnership with a St. Pete dentist who care about your comfort, oral health and smile.

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