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Tips for Dealing With Halitosis

Bad breath is a common yet embarrassing problem. If you have halitosis, better known as bad breath, you know that just talking to people can sometimes be difficult. It is hard to remember to carry gum or mints all of the time to cover up the odor. Bad breath can be caused by many problems, including oral hygiene, diabetes, gum disease, lactose intolerance, diet, GERD, as well as certain medications. Dr. Ferullo, your dentist in St. Petersburg, offers some causes and tips to help with your bad breath problems.

Your Diet

Your diet plays a role in the development of halitosis. For example, if you are eating smelly foods and not brushing or flossing, food particles become stuck between your teeth and rot there. When you open your mouth, the smell of the rotten food particles comes out and causes halitosis. Also, people on low-carb diets can develop bad breath because of the way their body is processing fats. A low-carb diet can cause you to have breath that smells like acetone. Other diet choices that can affect a person’s breath are foods that have distinct flavors and smells. If you are eating foods that give you indigestion they will pollute your breath. Making healthy diet choices is essential for good breath.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Using tobacco, chew or cigarettes will taint your breath. The same goes for alcohol, which also dehydrates you and causes dry mouth. Often users of these products don’t notice their halitosis problem, but others around them do. The best way to get rid of smelly breath due to tobacco and alcohol use is to stop using them.

Oral Hygiene

Brushing helps prevent halitosisKeeping up with your oral hygiene on a daily basis is very important in fending off halitosis. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day after meals. You should remember to brush your tongue and floss on a regular basis. If you have dentures, it is suggested to remove them at night and clean them regularly. Remember to see your Downtown St. Petersburg dentist regularly for exams and cleanings to make sure you are not having any other oral health problems that can be the cause of bad breath. Doing all of these things daily will keep your mouth fresh and clean.

Keeping Hydrated

Making sure that you are drinking plenty of water is another excellent way to fight off halitosis. When your mouth becomes dry, different odors can be emitted from your mouth as well as your stomach. If you feel that you are drinking enough water and still have problems with bad breath, chewing sugar free gum or having sugar free hard candies around is an acceptable way to fight bad breath.

Natural Remedy

One all natural remedy to bad breath is to chew on something green. People usually opt for nice smelling greens like mint or parsley. Parsley was originally put on plates for people to nibble at the end of their meal to get rid of smells like garlic and other things. Some other greens to consider are rosemary or any other herb that you find you enjoy.

Talk to a Dentist if Halitosis Continues Being An Issue

If you are having halitosis problems, you may be due for an exam and cleaning. Visit the St. Petersburg Gentle Dental office of Dr. Ferullo or give us a call at (727)822-8101 today to set up an appointment and talk to him about your halitosis concerns. We look forward to helping you get the gleaming smile and fresh breath you desire!

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