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Regular Dental Checkups Reveal Surprising Diseases Your Dentist Can Detect

Everyone knows that a dentist is going to be looking at your teeth but they are also looking at some good indicators of overall health.  Dr. Ferullo not only is looking at your teeth and gums but he can identify a number of other conditions that you and your doctor may be unaware of.  The following are some of the most common diseases your dentist can detect.

Oral Cancer

Diseases Your Dentist Can Detect - Oral Cancer screening with VELscope With over 36,000 people in America being diagnosed with oral cancer each year, it is important to have regular oral cancer screenings.  Early detection and treatment can substantially reduce the need for invasive treatment, disfigurement and save lives.  That is why our St. Pete dentist office offers the newest technology of VELscope to give quick and easy but thorough oral cancer screenings. We offer the newest technologies such are VELScope and laser dentistry to provide our clients with gentle dental care in St. Petersburg.  If are a patient of Dr. Ferullo, oral cancer screenings for early diagnosis are one of the most important diseases your dentist can detect early.


Since oral health and diabetes management are linked, it may not surprise you that it is one of the diseases your dentist can detect.  Diabetics are more likely to get gum disease which symptoms include dry mouth, bleeding, receding or dry gums and lose teeth.  If you have these symptoms despite good oral care of your mouth, our St. Petersburg dental office will refer you to your doctor for blood tests.

Crohn’s Disease

You may be surprised to know that this inflammatory bowel disorder is one of the diseases your dentist can detect.  One in 5 patients suffering from this will develop lesions in their mouth that can precede all other symptoms including diarrhea and cramps, according to study in 2010 from the Medical University of South Carolina.  If your downtown dentist in St. Petersburg notices swollen lips or ulcers on the inside of the cheeks, he will discuss your medical history and any medications you may be taking.  If X-rays rule out gum disease, he will refer you to your primary doctor.

Intense Stress

diseases your dentist can detect - severe stress - stressed manWhile you may know you are having a rough time in your life, you may not be aware of how serious a toll it is taking on your body.  During extremely stressful periods many people may grind their teeth which can do serious damage to their teeth including chipping or wearing them down.  Most patients do it at night while they are sleeping and may even be unaware they are doing it.  We may recommend a mouth guard to wear at night as part of your preventive dental care plan.

More Important Than Diseases Your Dentist Can Detect Are Ones They Can Help Prevent

happy couple free from diseases your dentist can detectAlthough it is important to know what diseases your dentist can detect, it is even more important to know what regular checkups and cleanings can prevent.  They can prevent gum disease which has been linked to heart disease, stroke and may other serious health risks.  This is why Dr. Ferullo provides heart healthy dentistry in St. Petersburg.  Because the link between oral health and overall health are too important to ignore.   Call our office today to schedule your appointment for a checkup and to get started on your personalized oral health plan which includes an at home oral health care program to make sure your oral health is the best it can be which directly affects your overall health.

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