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Tooth Enamel Repair: Best Ways to Repair Tooth Enamel

The Importance of Tooth Enamel Tooth enamel is an extremely hard substance that forms a protective shell around the top of each tooth to keep it from sustaining damage. This tooth enamel can be worn down by bacteria, physical damage, and other factors, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Once severe enamel erosion has occurred, you could


How to Stop Tooth Decay and Prevent Major Dental Issues

Learn how to stop tooth decay and prevent expensive dental issues. Even a small amount of tooth decay can quickly lead to more severe problems such as tooth loss, which can result in costly dental procedures such as root canals and implants. Luckily, these problems are typically avoidable as long as you follow certain dental health guidelines. To help


A Few Oral Hygiene Habits to Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month!

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene month with these oral hygiene habits. October is National Dental Hygiene Month and that means we’re here to celebrate by once again putting a focus on the importance of proper oral hygiene! Our goal is to help every person who visits our facility reduce their chances of cavities, gum disease, and


What are Dental Veneers and Are they Worth the Investment?

Are dental veneers right for you? There have certainly been a lot of advancements over the years in the way that we can improve our oral health, whether it’s new types of toothpaste, electronic toothbrushes, or dental procedures that can now save more teeth than ever before. Another big part of dental care has become


What are Some Common Causes of Tooth Loss?

Common causes of tooth loss and how to avoid them. Teeth are some of our most precious attributes. Not only do they allow us to chew our food properly, but a smile is how people present themselves to the world. This is why tooth loss can have such a devastating impact on physical appearance, dental

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