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Benefits of Good Dental Health for Overall Health

How does your overall health improve with good dental hygiene? Everyone knows the benefits of good dental health include stronger teeth and a reduction in the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss (not to mention having a great smile!). What you might not realize is that good dental health can help your overall health too! That’s why we’re here today to discuss a few


Tooth Enamel Repair: Best Ways to Repair Tooth Enamel

The Importance of Tooth Enamel Tooth enamel is an extremely hard substance that forms a protective shell around the top of each tooth to keep it from sustaining damage. This tooth enamel can be worn down by bacteria, physical damage, and other factors, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to decay. Once severe enamel erosion has occurred, you could


What Causes Teeth Yellowing? Foods and Drinks to Avoid

What Causes Teeth to Yellow? Many people don’t realize that tooth enamel is very porous, which means it’s relatively easy for stains to penetrate the surface. When this happens, it can stain your teeth yellow, especially if you’re ingesting dark-colored foods and drinks. Plus, if you eat acidic foods, this will weaken the enamel, which makes your


When is Periodontal Surgery Used in Dental Care

What Is Periodontal Surgery and When Is It Needed?  Periodontalm surgery, also known as gum surgery, is a procedure that’s often needed to treat gum disease and other types of oral health issues. It can help prevent tooth loss, regrow damaged bones and tissues, reshape the jaw bone to lower risk of bacterial growth, and eliminate bacteria and infections.


Do You Have to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed if they Don’t Cause Pain?

Is it necessary to have wisdom teeth removed? It’s almost like a rite of passage for young adults to have their wisdom teeth removed. This is often because wisdom teeth are impacted and have started causing problems with your surrounding teeth, gums, or oral health in general. Many people experience pain when they have a problem with their wisdom teeth, so


How to Stop Tooth Decay and Prevent Major Dental Issues

Learn how to stop tooth decay and prevent expensive dental issues. Even a small amount of tooth decay can quickly lead to more severe problems such as tooth loss, which can result in costly dental procedures such as root canals and implants. Luckily, these problems are typically avoidable as long as you follow certain dental health guidelines. To help


Should You Use Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening and Brushing?

Facts and Benefits of Brushing with Baking Soda You may have heard from friends and family that brushing your teeth with baking soda is an effective way to maintain good dental health. The truth is that this is correct. Baking soda teeth whitening will keep your teeth looking and feeling great. Check out these simple

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