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Moss is Not for Mouths

Moss Mouth Discussion by St. Petersburg Dentist

“I have moss in my mouth?” Well, not exactly. Your condition is called lichen planus that shares its name with lichen, the flat tree moss.

Lichen planus is a common chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune response. It’s not contagious. Oftentimes, we are the first to notice it during a regular exam. There may be no symptoms, or there may a slight itching. If the condition is more severe, you would have painful ulcers.

Look inside your mouth, especially your cheeks and tongue. If you see a white, bumpy, lacy rash, you might have lichen planus.

We don’t know what causes lichen planus, and there is no cure. However, lichen planus can be managed with medications and special homecare.

An episode can come and go in weeks or months. Recurrences can happen for many years.

If you are experiencing anything unusual in your mouth, it is important that we examine you right away to rule out other more serious conditions. When you come to the office, have a list prepared that includes your

– medications, vitamins and supplements,

– toothpastes, mouthwashes,

– allergies,

– dental issues like ill-fitting dentures, biting your lips or checks, and

– existing medical conditions such as Sjögren’s Syndrome (dry mouth), lupus or liver disease.

Also, tell us if you have been under stress or have had a life changing event. Write down any symptoms you have noticed, even if they…

The Pitfalls of DIY Whitening

DIY Teeth Whitening Discussed By a St. Petersburg Dentist

Do it yourself (DIY) home improvement is big business, but even with clear instructions, fixing a door lock can go awry. DIY tooth whitening is also big business where you can spend a lot of money for no return on your dollar. Along with over-the-counter whitening strips and paint-on gels, there is another product in which you create your own dental impressions that will become a whitening tray. Sure, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to apply a whitening strip to your teeth, but would you feel competent making your own dental impressions?

Preemie Teeth: Trouble for the Fragile

Preemie Dental Care Explained by a St. Petersburg Dentist

Seventy percent of low birth weight, premature babies will have a serious dental condition called enamel hypoplasia. This means that the enamel covering and protecting their forming teeth is thin and soft. Weak teeth are targets for decay and can affect the permanent teeth. Enamel hypoplasia can make teeth look yellow, gray or brown, and they will have a pitted or rough surface. There are several factors that can contribute to enamel hypoplasia, such as mom had a dental infection and/or poor nutrition during her pregnancy.

How to Choose the Correct Mouthwash

Dental Hygiene Tips From a St. Petersburg Dentist

Protecting your teeth is a 24/7 job. With so many mouth rinses to choose from, do you know if you’re buying protection or just perfume? For example, there are three kinds of mouth rinses: therapeutic, cosmetic and a combination of both. Look for products approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA seal on the label assures you that the product is safe and does what it claims to do. With the ADA seal, a therapeutic mouth rinse label can state that it kills germs, helps reduce plaque and gingivitis and/or protects your teeth against cavities.

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